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Disorganized hockey sticks are an accident waiting to happen

Time and time again, we have all seen it ...

... when players get together to play hockey on streets and driveways across Canada and go on to call it quits to go into the house, a disorganized mess of hockey sticks quickly develops outside on the street, driveway, lawn or inside the house!

Disorganized sticks in this manner are prime for injury or accident and a serious liability hazard that could easily cause serious injury. Players, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and the public in general are constantly at risk of:

  • tripping over disorganized sticks,
  • in danger of getting hit by a falling hockey stick or worse, a group of sticks.

After 35+ years as active hockey players and parents,
personal experience can strongly endorse for a better
solution to managing hockey sticks!

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