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Why the Rink Rack is a must install

The Rink Rack provides a safer environment at home, in the garage, basement, backyard, stairwell
  • Eliminates accidents at your home.
  • Creates an organized, safer environment for players and spectators.
  • Provides a safer environment for the public.
  • Proven solution in stick containment to ensure a safer environment in stick containment.
  • Indestructible, commercial grade design for maximum security and strength. Pro-active loss control initiative to avoid future liability claims.
  • Low-cost, pro-active, risk management initiative to avoid the risk of accident or injury.
  • Overall, players, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and the public in general will benefit with the installation of the Rink Rack.
  • Players will appreciate that the Rink Rack is an effective tool to access their sticks!

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