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The mess before the Rink Rack
Hockey sticks are now put away with the Rink Rack!

Thanks so much for your wonderful product! I know this product is going to be so convenient and practical for my whole family.

No more scrambling through sticks before running out the door for hockey practices and games and I know the kids will love this new ‘set-up’ in our garage, even the younger ones will be excited to have a spot to ‘put-away’ there sticks and so Mom and Dad will be happy about not having to pick it up wherever they’ve left it.

And, our many hockey friends will want to know where we got it, so I’m hoping it’ll throw some business at you as well!

Appreciatively, The Allain Family

I heard about your product because I Googled hockey racks! We are going to use it in our garage to organize the sticks (I did this AFTER I had tripped on them for the 10th time). Thanks, Anna Deaver

... it works and looks great. Much better than the pile of sticks all over the garage! Karl

"I think of the Rink Rack every time I go into a dressing room that doesn't have one - and SHOULD! Sticks are everywhere and mass chaos!"

"After I saw how the Rink Rack worked, I was sold!"

"On behalf of Queen's University Athletics I want to extend our thanks for your service and prompt delivery.

"I talked directly with the coaches about the quality of the racks and they were extremely pleased with the product.

"I felt it was important to pass this on to you. Thank you once again." -Debbie

"Best hockey stick holder I've ever seen, works perfect!"

"I was tired of tripping over player sticks in the dressing room and having to pick up the mess of sticks off the floor after every game and practice. When I saw what the Rink Rack was capable of, it was obvious that all these problems had been solved!"

"Players, coaches and parents feel the Rink Rack is the perfect solution to better organize player hockey sticks in the dressing room"

"I heard about your product because I Googled 'hockey racks'! We are going to use it in our garage to organize the sticks (I did this AFTER I had tripped on them for the 10th time). Thanks" - A.Deaver

"The Rink Rack is made to last forever - it really is indestructible!"

"My kids think the Rink Rack is the coolest idea they have ever seen - and used!"

"After 35+ years as an active hockey player, parent, coach, volunteer and spectator, personal experience can strongly endorse for a better solution to managing hockey sticks in and outside player dressing rooms!"

"... I love it, I use to have hockey sticks all over the driveway before I found the Rink Rack. It’s the perfect solution to organize the kids sticks!"

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