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RinkRack: Solution

The Rink Rack is the solution.

Rink Rack is the solution to organize player hockey sticks in a safe, orderly manner

Installed inside or outside the dressing room, the Rink Rack is the perfect solution to a disorganized mess that takes place every day at arenas across North America.

The Rink Rack solves these problems by organizing player sticks in one central location, in a safe, orderly manner.

Arena Managers and/or Operators now have the ultimate solution to better contain player hockey sticks in player dressing rooms.

The Rink Rack is built to last a lifetime. It is quite simply, indestructible. The design, construction and effectiveness of the Rink Rack makes it the perfect solution to better organize player hockey sticks at the Rink.

Players, coaches, trainers, officials, volunteers, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and the public in general, are now safer as player sticks are kept off the ground and perfectly organized with the Rink Rack.

Studies have shown that both kids and adults felt the Rink Rack was the perfect solution to organize the constant mess of disorganized sticks in and around player dressing rooms.

Players will appreciate how the Rink Rack works to better organize their sticks and how it allows players to locate their stick easier.

Younger kids thought the idea of hanging their stick up in the Rink Rack worked great and was ‘cool!’!

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